Cemal Alpay – Managing Director, SACA Group Ltd

For the first time in its trading history, MPE has appointed an
authorised distributor for supplying its products to the UK market.
SACA Group Ltd was appointed as an authorised distribution
partner for the UK on 1st September 2020.
This appointment is a direct result of the rising levels of business
MPE has experienced from its home market and the growing
number of clients whom MPE is supplying.
Historically MPE has successfully traded with its UK clients
directly. Given the number of clients and projects demanding
MPE product solutions, this mode of operation has worked well
for many years. However, by natural process over the past five
years, MPE has seen its UK business increase exponentially, with
the number of UK clients ordering its unique EMC and EMP filters
and capacitors now running into many hundreds.

Armin Maghami – Field Sales Engineer, SACA Group Ltd

Being essentially a world-class design and manufacturing
organisation, MPE’s direct sales strategy has therefore become
increasingly diffi cult to sustain and support, and for this reason
MPE has now migrated to the same successful distribution model
as it employs around the globe.
MPE will continue to supply direct its authorised distribution
partners worldwide as well as major project integrators in the UK.
But clients whose requirements are smaller in scale, or of a more
occasional nature, will now be supplied through SACA Group Ltd.
SACA Group Ltd is a UK-registered company, has common
ownership and shares the same management team as SACA
Europe BV at Helmond in The Netherlands. Staffed by trained
engineers with degree qualifications, the Group boasts 32 years’
accumulated experience and expertise in electronics component
distribution. SACA Europe is already an authorised MPE
distribution partner, successfully supplying MPE’s EMC and EMP
filter and capacitor solutions to Bulgaria, the Czech Republic,
Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia
and Slovenia.

Whilst MPE and the SACA Group are wholly independent of
each other, SACA UK will conveniently be based at the same
address as MPE in Knowsley, Liverpool. By shortening the lines
of communication, this co-location will maximise the speed and
efficiency of response to sales enquiries and technical questions
and of subsequent product supply to the UK market. Furthermore
any requirements for custom solutions can be discussed with
MPE experts on the spot and without delay.
Alongside MPE’s full product range, SACA Group Ltd in the UK is
also the authorised UK distributor for EMI Solutions Inc, Konnect
RF and Netzer Precision Motor Sensors.
For information on SACA UK, go to www.sacauk.com or contact
their team on +44 (0)151 632 9190 or via email info@sacauk.com