Falcon datacomms system in use

(image by courtesy of BAE Systems)

Falcon system mounted on the British Army’s MAN 4×4,6-tonne, HX60 truck

MPE has been delivering high-reliability, high-performance EMC,
EMP and TEMPEST specification filters for the vehicle-mounted
Falcon mobile shelter program. This is the battlefi eld broadband,
ground-based communications system from BAE Systems.
Falcon assists and supports ISTAR, the process of integrating
the intelligence process with surveillance, target acquisition and
reconnaissance tasks in order to improve commanders’ situational
awareness and consequently their decision-making.
The increase in the use of ISTAR assets delivering huge
quantities of video imagery and information demands systems
which are capable of handling large amounts of data. Meeting
these exacting requirements, Falcon is fundamental to the UK
Armed Forces in providing robust, high-capacity network services
right across the battlefield.
The four different MPE filter products supplied have consisted of
a 63A filter for the main incoming power feed, a 32A EMP filter for
the interior of the shelter, six 10A TEMPEST filters also inside the
shelter, and a 20A feedthrough capacitor.
Providing secure, high-capacity voice, data and video
communications, staff at command headquarters can operate
across up to four separate security domains on a wide area
network. The Falcon system is carried on the British Army’s
standard MAN 4×4, six-tonne, HX60 truck (as pictured here) for
mobility and flexibility.
For further information on MPE’s high-performance powerline
filters for shelter applications, visit www.mpe.co.uk/category/
installation-filters/ or to download a product overview brochure
click here.