Formed in 1925, MPE have the longest standing and proven heritage of design, development and manufacture of high performance EMC/EMP filters and capacitors within the industry.


Konnect RF

Headquartered in Florida , KonnectRF is an industry leader specializing in RF and Microwave components, connectors and cable assemblies.



MAC Technologies is a company that develops and produces varied selections of wireless communication components essential in this ever changing high tech era, based on their source technology, since 2005.



TELDOR Cables & Systems Ltd. manufactures a wide range of wires and cables for telecommunications, electronics, and electricity, and is a leader in the design and production of high data-rate Copper and Optical LAN cables, Industrial BUS, Instrumentation and Control Cables


EMI Solutions

Headquartered in our expanded facility in Irvine, California, our company was established in 1996 based on the development of our FlexFilter inserts for EMI filtering. Over the years, EMI Solutions has steadily grown by diversifying our product offering to meet our customer’s needs.



Xsens was founded in 2000 by Casper Peeters and Per Slycke, both University of Twente graduates. Inspired by the possibilities of tiny motion sensors for measurement of the performance of athletes, they specialized themselves in sensor technologies and sensor fusion algorithms.



Created in November 1997, a leading provider of innovative MEMS-based solutions, MEMSCAP® is in the business of preserving and improving human life. The company’s technical contributions are focused on the advancement and welfare of humanity.



Located in Bucharest, Romania, ICPE was established in the 1950s as an institute that develops electromechanical components and spacers. Today, the company, which operates in various product groups, carries out all the design, development and production stages itself. Servo motors, frameless interior kits, resolvers are among the product groups that the company focuses on.



Since 1998 Netzer Precision Motion Sensors, designs manufactures, and supplies high-end absolute position encoders, based on the unique Electric Encoder™ technology.



Nanomotion designs and manufactures advanced motion systems, subsystem modules and piezo motor / drive components.


Racing Electric Instrument

Racing Electric Instrument is located in Taiwan. For more than 20 years, the company has been carrying out all processes from magnetic design to production in the design and production of motors and resolvers. The world's leading motor manufacturers supply motor inner kit and rotor, stator windings from Racing Electric Instruments.



Wakefield-Vette has been in continuous operations since 1952, providing thermal solutions across multiple industries. Industries served include Power Conversion, Information Technology, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications, Transportation, Aerospace/Defence, LED Lighting, Factory Automation, Consumer, and Medical.



iKey is a family-owned and operated business that has perfected the design and manufacture of premium quality keyboards over the past 28 years. Built from humble beginnings in an Austin, Texas garage, iKey’s products are now the leader in the rugged peripheral market, and used everywhere from Air Force One to your local hospital.