Safran Sensing Technologies

The roots of Sensonor and its technology go back to 1965. In 1985 the Company started operating as an independent entity under the name Sensonor, until it was acquired by Infineon Technologies in 2003.



PolyExplore Inc. is a leading developer of inertial navigation solutions. Our innovative sensors are ideal for demanding unmanned systems applications such as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles), as well as the next generation of high-performance autonomous driving systems.



Xsens was founded in 2000 by Casper Peeters and Per Slycke, both University of Twente graduates. Inspired by the possibilities of tiny motion sensors for measurement of the performance of athletes, they specialized themselves in sensor technologies and sensor fusion algorithms.



Created in November 1997, a leading provider of innovative MEMS-based solutions, MEMSCAP® is in the business of preserving and improving human life. The company’s technical contributions are focused on the advancement and welfare of humanity.