MPE’s custom ceramic capacitors are incorporated into
the countermeasure chaff and fl are dispense system on
the Eurofi ghter Typhoon

EMI-suppressed 24V alternator shroud for a military

Novel fi lter with integral busbar for the USAF Space
Fence space radar system

How often are we forced to make compromise decisions, and
how much do those compromises complicate our lives? There
are occasions when the ideal solution is not available and the only
option is to select the “nearest fit” from a catalogue range. All too
often this compromise leads to other, more far-reaching changes
having to be made to accommodate such a catalogue product. Of
course, by only offering catalogue products manufacturers can
make efficiencies, but usually at a cost to the client.
Throughout its 92-year history MPE has always taken its
lead from client or market requirements. Where many similar
manufacturers may have simply offered their “nearest fit”, MPE
has continually striven to find the right balance between catalogue
and custom solutions for its clients. In more recent times, this
expertise in customisation has seen MPE develop many deep
and longstanding client relationships, some spanning back over
20 years.
Such customisation can take many forms, not only mechanical or
electrical but also to fulfil specific test requirements or operating
conditions, and often the client requirement is driven more by the
need for retrospective upgrades to legacy systems.
At its manufacturing site in Knowsley, Liverpool, MPE carries out
all mechanical, electrical, assembly and finishing processes. This
provides MPE with the ability to conduct customisations from
small modifications – such as the relocation of fixing holes or
changes to the electrical rating of existing circuits – right through
to fully bespoke, custom designs derived from first principles and
unique to the specific client.
MPE routinely meets customer demands for multiple lines, special
packaging, mounting or terminations, providing solutions that are
both versatile and cost-effective whatever the environment.
Customisation spans the full breadth of MPE’s product portfolio.
Examples range from custom ceramic filters manufactured for the
Eurofighter aircraft, custom feedthroughs produced for SPARK
mine clearance rollers, and numerous custom equipment filters
supplied to almost every NATO vehicle manufactured over the
last 25 years – through to TEMPEST filters manufactured for the
new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers and, very recently,
specialised filter designs supplied to the US Air Force for their
high-profile Space Fence program.
Such examples now see MPE with a portfolio in excess of 20,000
custom designs. This portfolio often also benefits new clients
since, rather than starting from a blank sheet to meet a clients’
custom requirement, MPE can draw from previous designs or
design experience to greatly reduce the time to client acceptance
of a new design.

Of course customisation is also often led by MPE itself, where
a market trend or demand has been identified. In recent times
the expansion of both MPE’s high-current HEMP filter range and
high-voltage DC feedthrough ranges provides examples of this.
In addition, MPE has continued to lead in its markets with the
introduction of numerous world-leading, novel and sometimes
unique designs.
Recent Issues of the MPE Company Bulletin have featured
ground-breaking designs such as MPE’s high-power military
connectors with integral EMC suppression, along with world-first
designs such as MPE’s range of commercial HEMP filters and its
EMP/EMI Gigabit Ethernet filter.
Accordingly, the next time your supplier responds with “You can
have anything you want . . . as long as it’s in our catalogue”, don’t
simply compromise, because the ideal custom solution may be
waiting for you at MPE!